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Ebook : Power Transformers Quality Assurance - Indrajit Dasgupta

Free Download Ebook : Power Transformers Quality Assurance - Indrajit Dasgupta

Number of Pages : 616


Chapter 1 Working Principles of Transformers

Chapter 2 Elementary Engineering of Transformer Operation

Chapter 3 Classification of Materials

Chapter 4 CRGO Silicon Steel

Chapter 5 Winding Wires and Strips

Chapter 6 Insulating Pressboard

Chapter 7 Insulating Oil

Chapter 8 Transformer Tank Body and Radiators

Chapter 9 Porcelain Bushing and Fitting, Off-Circuit Ratio Switch and Gaskets

Chapter 10 Process Control—A Part of Quality Assurance

Chapter 11 Role of Machine

Chapter 12 Purchase Procedure and Checks on Incoming Materials for Quality Assurance

Chapter 13 Various Manufacturing Processes

Chapter 14 Special Process

Chapter 15 Design Process

Chapter 16 Inprocess Inspection and Quality Checks

Chapter 17 Allowable Working Tolerances

Chapter 18 Test and Inspection on Finished Products

Chapter 19 Control of Non-conforming Products, their Review and Disposal

Chapter 20 Job Progress Card

Chapter 21 Condition Monitoring

Chapter 22 Calibration Status

Chapter 23 Customer Complaints and Feedback

Chapter 24 Use of Reference Standards

Chapter 25 Training

Chapter 26 Statistical Technique

Chapter 27 Basic Concept of ISO : 9000

Chapter 28 Benchmarking and Process Improvement

Chapter 29 Key Notes on Preventive Maintenance

Chapter 30 Installation, Erection and Commissioning

Chapter 31 Schedule of Maintenance and Proposed Corrective Action

Chapter 32 Transformer Repair at Site

Chapter 33 Life of a Transformer—User’s Guide

Chapter 34 Failure Analysis of Transformers During Short Circuit Test—A Case Study

Chapter 35 Loading Guide for Oil-Immersed Transformer

Chapter 36 Protection on Distribution Transformers

Chapter 37 Abstract of the Quality Assurance of Distribution Transformers

Chapter 38 Calculations of Various Performance Parameters

Chapter 39 Scope of Inspection and Quality Assurance

Chapter 40 Role of the Quality Assurance Engineer

Chapter 41 Thoughts for Progress


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