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Ebook : Electric Power Transformer Engineering - Leo L. Grigsby

Free Download Ebook : Electric Power Transformer Engineering - Leo L. Grigsby

Number of Pages : 481


Chapter 1 Theory and Principles Dennis Allan and Harold Moore 

Chapter 2 Equipment Types 
2.1 Power Transformers H. Jin Sim and Scott H. Digby
2.2 Distribution Transformers Dudley L. Galloway and Dan Mulkey
2.3 Phase-Shifting Transformers Gustav Preininger
2.4 Rectifier Transformers Sheldon P. Kennedy
2.5 Dry-Type Transformers Paulette A. Payne
2.6 Instrument Transformers Randy Mullikin
2.7 Step-Voltage Regulators Craig A. Colopy
2.8 Constant-Voltage Transformers Arindam Maitra, Anish Gaikwad, Ralph Ferraro, Douglas Dorr, and Arshad Mansoor
2.9 Reactors Richard F. Dudley, Michael Sharp, Antonio Castanheira, and Behdad Biglar

Chapter 3  Ancillary Topics
3.1 Insulating Media Leo J. Savio and Ted Haupert
3.2 Electrical Bushings Loren B. Wagenaar
3.3 Load Tap Changers Dieter Dohnal
3.4 Loading and Thermal Performance Robert F. Tillman, Jr.
3.5 Transformer Connections Dan D. Perco
3.6 Transformer Testing Shirish P. Mehta and William R. Henning
3.7 Load-Tap-Change Control and Transformer Paralleling James H. Harlow
3.8 Power Transformer Protection Armando Guzmán, Hector J. Altuve, and Gabriel Benmouyal
3.9 Causes and Effects of Transformer Sound Levels Jeewan Puri
3.10 Transient-Voltage ResponseRobert C. Degeneff
3.11 Transformer Installation and MaintenanceAlan Oswalt
3.12 Problem and Failure Investigation Wallace Binderand Harold Moore
3.13 On-Line Monitoring of Liquid-Immersed Transformers Andre Lux
3.14U.S. Power Transformer Equipment Standards and Processes Philip J. Hopkinson

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